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Brand Illumination

We love finding out exactly who you are and what you do. But the best bit, the bit that gets us really excited, is when we discover what it is that makes you unique. What makes you unique, is the cornerstone of a great brand.


The Start of a Brilliant Journey

We’ll pop in to your organisation and talk to you and your team about what makes you tick. We want to unearth what you’re passionate about, your aspirations, how you see the company, what you think makes it great, where you see it going, your vision, your mission.

We’ll also want to know what your customers think about you, why they think you’re great, why they come back, why they’ve told their friends and family about you. We’ll uncover what makes you unique. Why you’re better than your competitors.

We’ll find out what you’re promising your investors, customers, stakeholders. In fact, what you promise EVERYONE, EVERY TIME they come into contact with your brand.

And finally, we’ll listen to your story, and identify how it adds value and credibility to where you are now.

Illuminate Your Brand

We’ll get your journey off on the right foot by defining your:
• Brand Positioning
• Brand Promise
• Brand Personality
• Brand Story


Let’s find out what makes you different, and tell the world