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Brand Identity

Your brand identity is your guide to your brand. This is what tells people what your brand is and how your brand works. It’s how you look, sound and behave.

It tells suppliers how to implement your brand, what they can and can’t do with it.

It gets people excited. It gets new recruits excited. It gets investors excited.

It defines your brand.


Your First Brand Ambassador

Your brand book and visual style guide tells suppliers how to implement your brand across multiple communications. This is important because it keeps your brand consistent.

It also acts as a brand ambassador, telling staff and stakeholders exactly what you’re about and why they should believe in you.

It instills credibility into the minds of your audience.

Create Your Brand Identity

We’ll make sure your brand stays on track by giving you a book that defines:

• Your brand’s positioning, promise, personality and story

• Your brand’s logo and the rules governing its usage

• Your brand’s typefaces and colour pallette

• Your brand’s tone of voice

• A style guide showing how the brand should be applied to communications


Let’s find out what makes you different, and tell the world