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Big Ideas from the very Beginning

Founder, Graham Foster, started his design career at Shelly Park College in 1995, where he was first introduced to ideas-based graphic design.

He then went on to study design at degree level where he was tutored by legends of the design industry. For ten years working in several design agencies in London, he improved his ability to generate unique ideas and apply this skill to brand design.


We Design Brands that Connect Emotionally

In 2007, he saw a need in the market for businesses to engage with their audience on an emotional level.

So he set up Drawn In, where he concentrated on creating and developing brands that connected with people’s hearts and minds.

Graham has spent the last 20 years developing, improving and perfecting his unique approach to brand design. And it’s this technique that is at the heart of Drawn In, which means that we are able to help our clients create brands that cut straight to the heart of what matters to them, and to their audience.

We’re Different Because we Harness the Power of Ideas

If you peruse our portfolio you may notice something. We have a habit of using ideas in our design. Incorporating ideas into design is a powerful tool.

An idea can present the viewer with a challenge, whereby they need to think, just a little bit, until the penny drops and the joy of ‘getting it’ produces a smile.

Or an idea can be more immediate, producing an “Ooo, that’s clever” response.

Either way, it’s our unique ideas that connect with people emotionally, creating a memorable experience that will stay with the audience long after they’ve left. It’s this that makes our brand design so effective.


Let’s find out what makes you different, and tell the world